About Otolaryngology (ENT)

The Department of Otorhinolaryngology (ENT) at Al Salam Hospital, aims to provide comprehensive solutions to patients with ear, nose and throat problems. The department has highly qualified and experienced specialists, who provide treatment as per international standards. Most of the surgeries are done on a day care basis and are offered as minimally invasive surgeries that are less painful.

NMC Speciality Hospital Al Salam

Dr. Mahmoud Hassan Elzein

Consultant ENT Surgeon

Dr. Mahmoud received his Bachelor’s Degree in Medicine (MBBCh) from Ains Shams Univerity Cairo in 1980
Obtained his master’s Degree in ENT from Ains Shams Univerity Cairo in 1987
He received his Jordanian Board in ENT 2003
He received his European Board in ENT 2001
He was the Senior ENT Consultant at Riyadh Care Hospital from 2008 to 2019
Dr. Dr. Mahmoud is an Expert in Endoscopy of Nose Tonsilectomy with Coblation & Percutaneous Traschestomy

Al Salam Polyclinics

Dr. Khaled Selim

ENT Specialist

Bachelor Degree of Medicine and Surgery
Master Degree in ENT
9 Years of Profesisonal Experience

Ishbiliyah Polyclinics

Dr Mohsen Hassanein

Dr. Mohsen Hassanein

ENT Specialist

Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery
Master’s Degree in ENT
17 Years of Professional Experience

Dra. Fatima Al-Bayoumi Al-Sharnoubi

ENT Specialist

Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery
Diploma in ENT
8 Years Professional Experience