About Anesthesia

We provide general, local and regional anesthesia to surgical patients, as well as consultation services for pain management and pre-operative assessment. Surgeons may request an anesthesia consultation for a patient when an appointment is made for preoperative assessment in the pre admission clinic.

NMC Speciality Hospital Al Salam

Dr. Bashar Mohammad Al Omari

Consultant and Head of Anesthesia

Dr.Bashar got his Bachelor degree in medicine of surgery (B.S.C.) from Basrah University, Iraq. Then became a member in the royal medical services Jordan in 2003. Dr. Bashar obtained his Jordanian Board in Anesthesia 2006.
He worked as a consultant Anesthetist at the Royal Medical Services, Jordanian M.O.H, and doctor without borders Holland(MSF). Attended many conferences and training programs in Jordan, Turkey, Egypt and Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

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